Friday, August 24, 2012

Self Introduction in Coding Interview

Introduce myself: (Introduction yourself in Medical Coding Interview)

Good Morning Sir/Madam, My name is _______(Your Name), I have born and bought up in ________(Name of City/Town/Village).

I have completed my Master’s in _________(Name of PG Course) from ________(Name of College) College of Arts and Science, _______(Name of Village/Town/City), completed my Graduation in _______, ______, _________(Name of Subjects) from _____(Name of University) University, ______(Name of Village/Town/City), and intermediate/10+2 from ______(Name of College) College and Matriculation from ______(Name of School) School.  Currently I am pursuing _________(If you are pursuing any other course) from ______(Name of Institute/University), _______(City/Town Name).

I am good thinker and quick learner, I am an Optimistic person, and flexible to work in any shift.  I have an ability to complete the assignment in the given interval of time.  I can work for longer hours without any break.

I like playing chess, cricket, and listening to the music (Add your interests here)

If you are experienced Coder, Add the following to your introduction

I have total X years (Mention your number of years) of work experience in Medical Coding. I have worked for ________(Name of Organization) from _____(Month) 20XX to _____(Month) 20YY as a junior Medical Coder.  Here I have worked in ______(Type of speciality) Coding.  After that I was joined in ________(Name of Organization) here I have worked in so many specialties like _________(Mention your Specialties’ here) from _____(Month) 20XX to ______(Month) 20YY as a Medical Coding Associate. 

            Right now i am working with _________(Name of Organization) since _______(Month) 20YY as a Senior Medical Coding Associate (Mention your designation, If it is different).  Here I am working in _________(Mention your coding speciality) coding.

I am Certified Coder from AHIMA and AAPC. I have both Credentials CPC and CCS (Mention your Credentials, If those are different)

And coming to my personal details my Father is a _______(Mention your father occupation) and mother is Home Maker. I have only one brother/sister and he is working with _______(Name of Organization, If He/She is working)  in _______(Name of City/Town/Village)

“This is a just sample format”


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