Interview Questions

Interview Questions:

1)     What is principle diagnosis?

a.      The condition established after study to be chiefly responsible for occasioning the admission of the patient to the hospital for care.

2)     What is Modifier?

a.      To indicate that service or procedure that has been performed and has been altered by some specific circumstance but not changed in its definition or code.

3)     What is the common Modifier used in emergency?

a.      25 (Hospital and Physician Coding) and  27 (Hospital Coding)

4)     What is 62 Modifier?

a.      When two surgeons work together as primary surgeons performing distinct part of a procedure, each surgeon should report his distinct operative work by adding 62 modifier.

5)     Cerumen impaction?

a.      Cerumen impaction is a condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the external ear canal to the point that the canal is blocked.

6)     What are the basic guidelines of consultation?

a.      3 R’S are Request(By appropriate source like Physician or third party but not by patient’s request), Render(Providing service by consultant) and Report(The results of consultation has to be given) .

7)     What is DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) coding?

a.      DRG is a system to classify hospital cases into one of the originally 747 groups. These are based on ICD diagnoses, procedures, age, sex, discharge status, and the presence of CC-complications or comorbidities&MCC-Major complication and comorbidity.

8)     What are the types of repairs?

a.      Simple Repair: Involving primarily epidermis or dermis, or subcutaneous tissue without significant involvement of deeper structures and requires one layer closure.

b.      Intermediate Repair: Require one or more of the deeper layers of the subcutaneous tissue and superficial fascia and heavily contaminated forthis requiring extensive cleaning.

c.      Complex Repair: For this require more than layered closure Ex: scar revision, debridement.

9)     How many types of closures are there?

a.      One layer closure is simple repair.  Two layers of more is intermediate repair.  Up to muscle closure complex repair example debridement, scar revision.

10)Lesion Excision

a.      Surgical removal of lesion means any abnormal skin condition.

11)What is close reduction and open reduction?

a.      Fracture reduced without incision is Closed Reduction and the one that is reduced with an incision is Open Reduction

12)Closed facture is treated with open reduction? (Is this True)

a.      Yes- It is treated with open reduction with internal fixation(ORIF)

13)Basic Surgical coding guidelines in surgery section?

a.      Differs body system to system and main guidelines are anesthesia and fluoroscopic guidance observed or done

14)Radiology coding?

a.      70000 series mainly having two components like professional and Technical component.  Any procedure which involves images called as radiology coding. Modifiers are 26, TC, 50, RT, LT, 59.

15)What are basic key components in evaluation and management?

a.      7 Components are History, Examination, MDM-Medical Decision Making , Counseling, Coordination of care, Nature of presenting problem and Time

b.      The 3 basic key components are HX, Exam and MDM.


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  9. It's not like only this or such kid of Question's will asked for interviews in medical coding, it's like for fresher they ask the basic Question of anatomy and Physiology and some coding base Question's like abt ICD's ,CPT HCPiC .. for coming on to the experience coder they ask them in deep such like on which speciality they worked on previous, wht set of codes they used in there process.. wht are the basic's we see and code the chart ,wht the Procedure we usually use in speciality...hope this is enough to understand and attend the interview...

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  11. whats the diff between mdm and ms.drg

    wat are the physician query forms used in ip drg coding

    wats the diff between pacemaker and generator

    wats are the procedures included in complex repairs

    what modifier we use if screening colonoscopy converted to diagnostic colonoscopy

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