Friday, August 31, 2012

Sample CPC Questions 2

Sample/Practice/Free CPT/CPC Exam Coding Questions:

1. The physician performs cone biopsy of cervix by loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP). What is the CPT code for this?

Ans. 57522

2. Hysteroscopic dilation and currettage of uterus for abnorma uterine bleeding?
Ans. 58558

3. Dilation and currettege of uterus for treatment of incomplete abortion?
Ans. 59812

4. Control of epistaxis with silvernitrate?

Ans. 30901: silernitrate is used for chemical cautery 

5. Creation of arteriovenous anastomosis for dialyis by cephalic transposition?

Ans. 36818

6. Revision of arteriovenous fistula?

Ans. 36832

7. The physician performs left cariac catheterization and during the procedure also performs ventriculography and coronary angiography. What are the CPT injection and S/I codes for this procedure?

Ans. 36210 Left Heart Cath
        93543,  93545,  93555,  93556

           8. The physician performs left and right carotid angiography by using femoral vein as
              vascular access site what codes would represent this service ?

            Ans. 36215,  36216

          9. Transforaminal epidural injection of anesthetic agent or steroid at L4-L5 using  

           flouroscopic guidence?

           Ans. 66483, 77003

         10. Epidural injection of neurolytic substance at L4-L5?

         Ans. 66282

        11. Extracapsular repair of cataract with intraocular lens implantation requiring suturing?

        Ans. 66482

        12. The patient has phymosis of foreskin the physician performes surgery for repair of  

              phymosis what CPT code would represent this service?

        Ans. 54150

       13. The physician documents a diagnosis of hypertensive congestive heart failure. What
             are the ICD codes to represnt this?
        Ans. 402.11, 428.0

       14. The patient has candidial diaper rash what are the ICD codes for this?

         Ans. 112.3,  691.0

       15. What is LIMA?

         Ans. LIMA stands for left iternal mammary atery and is used as a graft in CABG.

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