Monday, August 20, 2012

Anesthesia Questions

Sample/Practice/Free ANESTHESIA Coding Questions

1.      Which of the following physical status modifiers would you report for a patient with severe systemic disease?

A.    P1
B.     P2
C.     P3
D.    P4

2.      If a provider administers anesthesia for procedures of the eye, specifically for a corneal transplant, which of the following anesthesia codes would you report?

A.    00142
B.     00144
C.     00145
D.    00147

3.      Code 00632 indicates that a provider administered anesthesia for which type of procedure in the lumbar region?

A.    Lumbar sympathectomy
B.     Chemonucleoysis
C.     Diagnostic or thereapeutic lumbar puncture
D.    Not specified

4.      Which of the following anesthesia codes is not related to the upper abdomen?

A.    00730
B.     00752
C.     00790
D.    00802

5.      If a patient receives anesthesia for a lower leg cas application, removal, or repair, which of the following anesthesia codes would you report?

A.    01320
B.     01400
C.     01490
D.    01520


1             1.  C   2. B  3. A  4. D  5. C


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