Friday, August 31, 2012

Sample CPC Questions

Sample/Practice/Free CPT/CPC Exam Coding Questions:

1. What is the code for peak flow(vital capacity)?

Ans. 94150

2. The patient came with sore throat a rapid strep was ordered what is the CPT code for rapid strep?


3. The patient Urine HCG pregnency test what CPT code would represent this?


4. The patient was diagnosed with cardiac arrest the physician does cardiopulmonary resuscitation and intubation what are the CPT codes that represent this?

Ans.92950, 31500

5. What is the modifier to represent a service that is repeated by the same physician on the same visit ?


6. The patient was given an infusion of Pepcid, Vasotec, and Benedryl from 10 a.m to 11a.m. what are the codes that will represent this service?

Ans.96365, 96368

7. The patient camw with fracture of distil tibia and the physician aplied posterior splint give the CPT code?


8. The physician gives a diagnosis of micotic nails due to diabetes what ICD codes will represent this?

Ans.250.00,  111.9

            9. What is the ICD 9 code for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis?


10. What code would represent open reduction of Galeazzi fracture?


11. The physician performs lumbar L4-L5 fusion by posterior approach and partial fecetectomy, foraminotomy what are the CPT codes that represent his services?

Ans.22612,  63030

12. The physician performs posterior interbody fusion of L4-L5 interspace and minimal diskectomy give CPT codes representig this service?


13. What is the difference between morselized and structutal bone grafts?

Ans. Morselized bone grafts are pieces of bones that are used to fill spaces while structual bone graft is compact bone graft.

14. What is the difference between autograft an allograft?

Ans. Autografts are grafts that are tken from the patient's own body while allograft are taken from some other inividuals.

15. What modifier indicates decision for surgery?



  1. How many sections and marks it will contain? There can be some lengthy questions or its all about short Q&A? I know all these coding but i haven't passed through the 09 module. Am i eligible for 10 module? cpc-exam-help has clarified some terms and conditions about eligibility criteria of exams please check and give your feedback that either these are enough or some other regulations are also added in the list?