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CCA Exam Questions

Sample/Practice/Free CCA Exam Questions 

1.      A health insurance plan in which providers give healthcare services to members of the plan at a discounted rate is called _______

a.      ASO
b.      Medigap
c.      POS
d.      PPO

2.      The health plan that provides coverage for the dependents of armed forces personnel and retirees receiving care outside a military treatment facility is:

a.      ASO
b.      HIS
c.      PPO
d.      TRICARE

3.      Medicare coverage applies to:

a.      POS
b.      Individuals age 65 and over
c.      PPO
d.      TRICARE

4.      ____ reimbursement methods issue lump-sum payments to providers to compensate them for all the healthcare services delivered to a patient for a specific illness and/or over a specific period of time.

a.      Bundled treatments
b.      Bundled diagnosis
c.      Unbundled payments
d.      Bundled payments

5.      PPS system implemented in 1983:

a.      APC
b.      DRG
c.      OPPS
d.      URC

6.      There are ____ numbers of MDCs.

7.      _____ is a computer software program that assigns appropriate DRGs.

8.      The instrument used to standardize the collection of SNF patient data is __ _______

9.      SNF reimbursement rates are paid according to _RUG______

10. DRGs are organized into

a.      Case-mix classifications
b.      GPCI
c.      MDC
d.      RBRVS

11. DRG PPS is based on the ____ diagnosis.

a.      Primary
b.      Principal

12. The home health PPS uses the ____ data set for patient assessments

a.      HEDIS
b.      OASIS
c.      RAI
d.      UHDDS

13. ____ are associated with the outpatient PPS

a.      APC
b.      DRG
c.      RBRVS
d.      RUG-III

14. Resident assessment data are collected from _____

a.      RAP
b.      RAVEN
c.      MDS
d.      RUG

15. For inpatient claims, FL76 represents the

a.      Principal diagnosis
b.      Primary diagnosis
c.      Admitting diagnosis
d.      Principal procedure

16. For outpatient claims, FL76 represents the

a.      Patient reason for visit
b.      Primary diagnosis
c.      Admitting diagnosis
d.      Maiden Name

17. The act of limiting disclosure of private matters is:

a.      Privacy
b.      Security
c.      Confidentiality
d.       Integrity

18. ____ means the data should be complete, accurate, consistent, and up-to-date

a.      Date Integrity
b.      Data validity
c.      Data Integrity
d.      Timeliness

19. ___ is the practice of assigning diagnosis or procedure code specifically for the purpose of obtaining higher level of payment.

a.      Fraud
b.      Upcoding
c.      CCI edits
d.      PPS

20. UB-92 claim form is used to reimburse:

a.      Physicians
b.      Workers
c.      Security
d.      Hospitals

21. CMS-1500 claim form is used to reimburse:

a.      Hospitals
b.      Emergency departments
c.      Home health agencies
d.      Physicians

22. UB-92 is also identified as:

a.      UB-43
b.      UB-29
c.      CMS-1430
d.      CMS-1450

23. CMS implemented NCCI to develop correct coding methodologies to improve the appropriate payment of _____

a.      TRICARE
b.      Medicare Part A
c.      Medicare Part B
d.      TRICARE Prime

24. JCAHO specifies that H&Ps must be completed in ___ seconds.

25. The set of regulations (rules) that healthcare institutions must follow to receive Medicare reimbursement ________

26. ___________ is used to measure the outcomes of care

a.      JCAHO
b.      HEDIS
c.      HIPAA
d.      HIM

27. ______ is the process that allows dictated reports to be automatically considered signed.

28. The incident report should be added to the patient record

a.      True
b.      False

29. _____ is the data collected on long term care patients

30. _________ is the data set collected on Home Health Agencies. 


1.      D
2.      D
3.      B
4.      D
5.      B
6.      25
7.      Grouper
8.      RAI
9.      RUG
10. A
11. B
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. C
16. A
17. C
18. C
19. B
20. D
21. D
22. D
23. C
24. 1440
25. Conditions of participation
26. B
27. Autoauthentication
28. B
29. MDS

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