Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Types of Splints

Types of Splints - CPT Coding

Code only CUSTOM Splints where as PREFABRICATED splints are not coded.

CUSTOM SPLINTS: Fitted to patient, specifically, not a supply.

OCL (plaster, cloth cover and padding. And Orthoglass (fiberglass) are formed to the patient or customized. They are always coded and not a supply.

PREFABRICATED: Supply, taken off shelf and applied to patient.

Types of CUSTOM Splints: (Need to be coded)

Thumb Spica Splint
Sugar Tong
Posterior Ankle Splint
Stirrup Splint
Boxer Splint
Ankle Stirrup Splint
Ankle Sugar Tong Splint
Long Arm Splint
Radial & Ulnar Splint
Short Arm Volar Splint
Long Leg Splint
Posterior Elbow Splint
Plaster Splint
OCL (Plaster) Splint
Orthoglass  (Fiberglass)
Double Sugar Tong Splint
Long Double Sugar Tong Splint
Medial Lateral Splint
Dorsal Volar Splint
Coaptation Splint

Types of PREFABRICATED Splints: (Need not to be coded)

Colle’s Splint
Bledsoe Brace
Air cell, Foam, Gel Components
Cockup Splint
Knee Immobilizer
Hard Shoe
Jones Dressing
Bulky Jones
Posterior Knee Splint
Aluminum Finger Splint

Volar Finger Splint may be either customized or prefabricated, check for documentation

Figure of eight can be customized or prefabricated, check the documentation.

Velcro, finger splints are mostly prefabricated, but check documentation.

Knee splints are prefabricated, unless patient is too large for the splint, at which time it will be formed specifically to the patient.

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