Thursday, October 4, 2012

CPT Vs. Vol.3

What is the difference between ICD-9-CM Vol.3 and CPT

·        CPT is very detailed and is specifically geared to physician services and procedures (has many specific codes)
·        ICD-9-CM Vol.3 was designed for hospital reporting  (has much fewer codes for describing specific procedures than CPT has)
·        Thus a crosswalk between these two code sets is rarely one-to-one, but frequently one to many  (meaning one ICD-9 code to several CPTs)


  1. ICD-9 is the procedure to code the various diseases for easier identification. Whereas CPT is the coding procedure that explains about medical, diagnostic and surgical services. These coding procedures are easy for analytical coding services.

  2. its one CPT to many Vol 3 codes

  3. and ICD-9 volume 3 codes are not diagnosis codes but they are procedure codes used for hospital setting