Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sample CPC/CPC-H Questions1

Sample/Practice/Free CPC/CPC-H Exam Coding Questions

1. According to the ICD-9 guidelines, how is the postpartum period

a. The postpartum period begins immediately after delivery and continues for
six weeks following delivery

b. The postpartum period includes the last month of pregnancy and up to five
months after delivery

c. The postpartum period is different for each pregnancy

d. The postpartum period begins immediately prior to delivery and continues
for six weeks following delivery

2. Select the correct ICD-9 code for a bilateral femoral hernia with gangrene.

a. 552.02
b. 551.00
c. 551.02
d. 553.02

3. What is the correct supply code for an iris-supported intraocular lens?

a. V2599
b. V2631
c. V2744
d. V2715

4. What modifier best describes a surgery performed on the right foot, fourth digit?

a. T8
b. T4
c. RT
d. F8

5. How is the performance measures numerator for Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia (CAP) defined for code 1026F?

a. All patients with the diagnosis of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia
b. All patients with hydration status assessed
c. All patients assessed for history of co-morbid conditions
d. All patients with an appropriate empiric antibiotic prescribed

6. A 29-year-old patient is given an intramuscular Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine. Select the appropriate codes to report this service.

a. 90471, 90646, 90747
b. 90467, 90632, 90646
c. 90473, 90636
d. 90471, 90636

7. A patient had a whole-body thyroid carcinoma metastases imaging with uptake completed. Select the appropriate codes to report the professional services.

a. 78015-26, 78003-26
b. 78010, 78020
c. 78028, 78020
d. 78018-26, 78020-26

8. The cisterna chyli is located in which body system?

a. Nervous system
b. Lymphatic system
c. Respiratory system
d. Muscular system

9. A 9-month-old baby boy is diagnosed with shaken infant syndrome with subdural hematoma and retinal hemorrhages. The daycare worker told the emergency department physician that she shook the baby to make him stop crying. Select the appropriate diagnoses codes for this patient.

a. 995.55, E967.7, E967.8
b. 362.81, 995.55, E967.4, E968.7
c. 995.55, 362.81, E968.8, E967.8
d. 362.81, E968.8, E967.8

10. What is Hallermann-Streieff considered?

a. A syndrome
b. A muscle
c. A treatment
d. A bone

11. According to procedure coding, how is “skin traction” defined?

a. Application of a force (distracting or traction force) to a limb segment
through a wire, pin, screw, or clamp attached to the skin only

b. Application of a force (longitudinal) to a limb using felt or strapping applied
directly to the skin only

c. Application applied through force to a limb using felt or strapping applied
directly to the skin only

d. Application applied through force to a long bone using a segment of wire,
pin, screw, or clamp attached to the skin only

12. What is a panniculectomy?

a. Intravenous injection of agent to test vascular flow in flap or graft
b. Incision with opening of deep bone cortex
c. Closure of vesicovaginal fistula
d. Excision of excessive skin and subcutaneous tissue from abdomen
“tummy tuck”

13. What is included with an adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement?

a. Skin graft necessary to close secondary defect
b. Initial wound recipient side preparation
c. Excision of the benign or malignant lesion
d. Modifier P5 on additional codes reported with this procedure

14. An 84-year-old patient with mild hypertension is undergoing a cataract procedure. Select the appropriate anesthesia code(s) for this patient.

a. 66983, 00144-P4
b. 99100, 66983
c. 00148
d. 00142-P2, 99100

15. Mary was seen in Dr. Jones’ office after scalding her hand with steam from a pot of boiling water. Dr. Jones had seen Mary four years ago before she moved out of state. Today, Dr. Jones documents a detailed history and performs a detailed examination. Medical decision-making is of low complexity. He writes her a prescription for an antibiotic cream and asks her to check with him in one week if the burn is not healing. Select the appropriate code for today’s encounter.

a. 99203
b. 99213
c. 99221
d. 99243

16. Which set of codes would be reported for end-stage renal disease services for home dialysis?

a. 90967 to 90970
b. 90935 to 90937
c. 90951to 90953
d. 90963 to 90966

17. A patient was treated by photodynamic therapy for a lesion on the choroid of her left eye. Select the appropriate procedure code(s) for this procedure.

a. 96567-LT
b. 67101-RT
c. 67221-LT
d. 67221, 67225-50

18. What is the correct code for the supply of a Ganciclovir 4.5 mg, longacting implant?

a. L8606
b. J7310
c. A4650
d. E0783

19. A 20-year-old HIV-positive patient was admitted to a hospital observation bed by his PCP for stomach cramps and diarrhea. After tests were completed, the PCP determined that the stomach cramps and diarrhea were results of staphylococcal food poisoning. Select the appropriate diagnoses codes for this patient.

a. 042, 005.0
b. V08, 005.3
c. 005.0, 042
d. 042, V08, 005.3

20. What is the correct 5th digit sub-classification to describe bacteriological or histological examination not done for tuberculosis?

a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. No 5th digit is necessary with this diagnosis code set