Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Medical Coders Need to Know

Medical Coders Need to Know:
           One really has to know about anatomy, diseases, surgical techniques, medical treatments, and medicationsOne really has to know about Anatomy, diseases, surgical techniques, medical treatments and medications.

            Having to read coronary bypass surgeries and count how many arteries were bypassed, whether autogenous saphenous veins were used, or the mammary, or thoracic artery. Furthermore, was extracorporeal circulation used (heart lung machine)?  Was there prolonged mechanical ventilation after the  procedure?

Basic Skills:
Ø   Computer maintenance
Ø   Word processing
Ø   Keyboarding
Ø   Database maintenance
Ø   Telephone communication
Ø   English and written communications
Ø   Medical terminology
Ø   Anatomy
Ø   Physiology
Ø   Basic Pharmacology

Variety of training programs:
 There are a number of medical coding  training programs available such as
Ø   Simple basic training received on the job
Ø   Home study programs
Ø   Technical school diploma
Ø   2-4 years of college program
Ø   Training via workshops, seminars
Ø  Electronic means – online education course, web based seminars, audio conferences


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