Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Current Openings

Medical Coding Current Openings:

Genpact                                    -           1-6yrs, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon
Apollo                                      -           0-3yrs, Hyderabad
Elico                                       -           0-8yrs, Chennai and Hyderabad
E4E                                         -           0yrs, Chennai
Ajuba                                       -           0-10yrs, Chennai
Visionary                                  -           0yrs , Chennai
Insys                                          -           1-3yrs, Chennai
Gebbs                                        -           0-2yrs, Mumbai
Bob Technologies                   -           4-8yrs, Bangalore
XL Health Corp                       -           0-2yrs, Bangalore
SWOT                                       -            0-3yrs, Bangalore
UHG                                          -            0-5yrs, Hyderabad
Next Step Solutions                -            6-8yrs, Hyderabad
Myriad Cons                          -            1-6yrs, Mumbai
Dell                                        -            0-1yrs, Chennai
Achievers Spot                      -            0-3yrs, Chennai, Trichy, Bangalore
Jeevan Scientifc Tech            -            1-6yrs, Chennai
Mafoi Management               -            0-5yrs, Chennai
Phi Consulting                       -            1-5yrs, Chennai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad
Porteck India                         -            1-2yrs, Noida
Datascribe infotech               -            2-5yrs, Bangalore
DST Worldwide                    -            3-5yrs, Hyderabad
Reliant Global Corp.             -            4-8yrs, Bangalore
Partnezz HR Solutions          -             0-5yrs, Ahmedabad
Aldos                                      -             0-2yrs, Bangalore


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