Thursday, April 5, 2012

CCS Exam Specifications

CCS Exam Specifications

Multiple Choice Section - The multiple choice section will consist of 81 single response multiple-choice items (63 "scored" and 18 "pre-test" items). Pre-test items are unscored items that are included in the examination to assess the item's performance prior to using it for operational use in a future examination. The pre-test items are scrambled randomly throughout the examination and do not count toward the candidate's score.

Multiple Select Section - The multiple select section will consist of 8 multiple response items (6 "scored" and 2 "pre-test" items). Pre-test items are unscored items.

Fill in the Blank Section (Medical Record Cases) - The fill in the blank section will consist of 12 medical record cases, which contains six outpatient records and six inpatient records.

Inpatient diagnoses and procedures are to be coded with ICD-9-CM volumes 1-3; ambulatory care diagnoses are to be coded with ICD-9-CM volumes 1 and 2; and ambulatory care procedures with CPT. 

The total testing time for the exams is 4 hours